The Policy Address and Policy Agenda 2017

Diversified Economy

Innovation and Technology: Smart City (P. 27)

  1. Smart city development can improve people’s daily lives and make Hong Kong a more liveable city. The Government has just completed the consultation on the Smart City Blueprint, and the responses from various sectors are very positive.  We are studying the feedback received and will make public the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong within this year, ahead of the original schedule.  Prior to this, we will invest $700 million to push ahead with the following key infrastructure projects for smart city development:
    • provide an “eID” for all Hong Kong residents so that everybody can use a single digital identity and authentication to conduct government and commercial transactions online. This will foster the development of a new economic service model that place emphasis on direct interface with residents and consumers.  It will also provide a key digital infrastructure for smart city development;
    • launch a pilot Multi-functional Smart Lampposts scheme at selected urban locations to support the building of a smart city with city-wide coverage of data and network. The Smart Lampposts will provide convenient data services and collect various real-time city data, enhance city and traffic management, and complement the future infrastructure development for 5G mobile communications services in Hong Kong; and
    • reform the development technology of e-Government systems and build a big data analytics platform to support the adoption of cloud services and new information technology by government departments, thus enhancing operation efficiency and cyber security.


Construction and Related Professional Services Sectors (P.37-38)

  1. For the Hong Kong construction sector, the Belt and Road Initiative has brought visions while the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area initiative has generated concrete opportunities and made it easier to achieve results.
  2. The Mainland and Hong Kong signed an Agreement on Economic and Technical Co-operation under the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on 28 June 2017, which expressly supports Hong Kong’s participation in the development of pilot Free Trade Zones. The Government will capitalise on the new opportunities and continue to assist the construction and related professional services sectors in their business development in the Mainland. The Government will also deepen the co-operation with Qianhai, Hengqin and Nansha in accordance with the Agreement signed in June 2017. We will continue to discuss with the Mainland various issues such as mutual recognition of professional qualifications, rationalisation of the work of “professionals” and “practitioners”, and promote the “Hong Kong management model” already adopted in Qianhai to other Free Trade Zones.
  3. The construction industry has been facing the challenges of high construction costs and labour shortage in recent years. Hence, the Government is proactively promoting the adoption of technology and innovative construction methods to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness. For instance, the Government is assisting the industry in establishing large-scale and highly automated steel reinforcing bar prefabrication plants for the production of prefabricated steel reinforcement components for use in construction projects. We will also adopt Building Information Modelling technology in the design and construction of major government capital works projects that are scheduled to start in 2018, and promote the use of this technology in private construction projects. Besides, the new Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre of the Construction Industry Council will be in operation by the end of this year to provide the latest information on local and overseas construction technologies and to support their adoption by small and medium enterprises.

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