Émigré October 16

Photo: Mr Santiago Martinez-Caro (right) toasting with Secretary for Justice Mr Rimsky Yuen at the Spanish National Day reception.


African specialist assumes top post in Spanish Consulate General Hong Kong

Mr Santiago Martinez-Caro de la Concha Castaneda recently gave his first public speech as Spanish Consul General to Hong Kong at the Spanish National Day reception.

Mr Martinez-Caro started his career as a diplomat in 1984. He was the General Director of Casa África, a public and economic diplomacy institution which serves as part of the Spanish Government’s foreign policy in the continent, since 2012. Before that he served mainly in Africa (Cameroon, Morocco, Sub-Saharan Africa, Malawi and Zambia), Latin America (Peru and Venezuela).

Mr Martinez-Caro also worked for Permanent Representation of Spain in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in 1989 and was appointed Deputy Head of the Permanent Representation of Spain at the UN in Vienna in 2009.

He already has a win in his column, getting the EU to recognise that Spain, in fact, did NOT have Hong Kong on their blacklist of naughty tax jurisdictions, leading to the EU, this week, dropping Hong Kong off their list. Harbour Times picked up this story recently and the Spanish were the fastest to move. Well done.


Young “Amtskind” arrives in Hong Kong

Mr Julian Kauke decorating the Wall at the Goethe Institute in Wan Chai as part of an exhibition by German artist Christoph Dahlhausen.
Mr Julian Kauke decorating the Wall at the Goethe Institute in Wan Chai as part of an exhibition by German artist Christoph Dahlhausen.

Mr Julian Kauke, Vice Consul (Cultural and Press Affairs) of the German Consulate General in Hong Kong, was born in Bonn, Germany, when the Berlin Wall was being demolished. Mr Kauke has the blood of a diplomat – his father is also working for the German Federal Foreign Office, making him a so-called “Amtskind”, a German colloquialism for the child of a diplomat.

As an “Amtskind”, Mr Kauke had lived in Germany, Madagascar, Bolivia, Nigeria and South Africa (lucky enough to be in the respective host nations during FIFA World Cup 2006 and 2010) before serving the German Development Cooperation in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013 as his first official posting for two years.

Mr Kauke is a die-hard Bayern Munich fan and an amateur footballer. Immediately upon arrival, he joined the Hong Kong Krauts, a German-speaking football club in Hong Kong.


Alex Fok is a Harbour Times journalist monitoring Hong Kong's daily political scene and diplomatic updates. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Economics, Politics and International Studies from University of Warwick and his master's degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a former committee member of the Warwick-based Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (WHKPASS) and was the chief editor of the society's magazine - PASSTIMES.


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