Budget 2016: Spending the surplus #5 – Sin Chung-kai (單仲偕)

What’s an FS to do with $100 billion spare cash? LegCo members weigh in on priorities for  the surplus, whatever it is. Today: Sin Chung-kai.


Sin Chung-kai (單仲偕) – Democratic Party; GC Hong Kong Island

I hope the Financial Secretary will really allocate more resources to our healthcare system. CY Leung mentioned in his Policy Address a $200 billion blueprint for public hospitals in the next 10 years. That amount of input will not be enough to support our aging society, especially when we are already facing a serious shortage of hospital beds right now.

I’m not particularly against investing in the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiatives, but the money should be spent with greater reference to Hong Kong people. Take the $10 billion scholarship fund for example, the scholarships should be offered to local students applying for universities in the Belt and Road countries, not the other way round. As for the budget surplus, I’d go for tax refunds and subsidies for electricity bill.

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