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“Leader on the field of play,” was how Irish Consul General Peter Ryan described Irish Ambassador Paul Kavanagh on 2 June at his farewell event. Kavanagh is headed to Abu Dhabi for 10,000 Irish expats who live in the Gulf.

During his departure speech, Ambassador Kavanagh made a rare shoutout to former honorary Consul Generals from Ireland to China, and the role that they played in the days preceding the consulate’s existence. He also thanked the religious community and its contribution to education in Hong Kong, calling the Hong Kong Consul General “pioneering” in engagement.

Ambassador Kavanagh also proudly claimed that the Irish trade with China was massive and continuing to grow at fast pace, with the potential to reach €1 a fortnight by 2020.

On 13 June, Ambassador Kavanagh was at the Irish foreign ministry for a talk on his four years working in China and the growing economic ties between the two countries.

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Jasmine Lee

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