Cornerstone Unveils Refreshed Brand Aimed at “Fast-Tracking Sustainable Living”

New brand and portfolio aimed at fast-tracking sustainable living

HONG KONG, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cornerstone Technologies Holdings Limited (“Cornerstone Technologies”), a leading innovator of environmental sustainability solutions, today announced its public listing (Stock Code: 8391), along with a refreshed brand identity and sustainability solutions portfolio aimed at accelerating its mission to foster a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

Homegrown sustainability provider goes public

Homegrown in Hong Kong, Cornerstone Technologies started off in 2016 as the only one-stop solution provider in the local electric vehicles (EV) charging market. With its strong in-house R&D team spearheading product development, Cornerstone Technologies designs and manufactures one of a kind solutions to fill gaps in neighbouring markets, attracting renowned clients including MTR, KMB and Hong Kong Housing Society.

Going public will enable Cornerstone Technologies to lead the development of EV charging and related technologies in Hong Kong, expand its footing to South East Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and diversify its portfolio to build a comprehensive ecosystem.

New product portfolio for a comprehensive ecosystem

With this in mind, Cornerstone Technologies introduced a refreshed brand identity representing a new product portfolio boasting environmental technologies in 3 key areas, each complementing the other to make sustainable lifestyle choices accessible and easier.

Cornerstone Charging: Making high quality, compact and reliable EV chargers easily available in the community to power Hongkongers’ daily commute with cleaner energy.

Cornerstone Energy: Apart from powering Hong Kong with clean, affordable energy systems tailored for urban living, Cornerstone Energy provides creative solutions such as giving a ‘second life’ to batteries.

Cornerstone IT: Cornerstone IT is your partner in growing your business through innovation. Cornerstone Technologies optimise operations with information technology and uncover new revenue sources. Through the pilot project, Cornerstone Technologies is deploying smart parking systems across Hong Kong and mainland China.

Lawson Lau, Founder and Executive Director of Cornerstone Technologies, said: “Hong Kongers are now more than ever before open to shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle. To accelerate this shift, we’re creating mindful and hassle-free solutions that cater to the needs of a variety of people, from individuals just starting out by exploring cleaner energy solutions to those pursuing smart mobility in the long run.”

Chargic: A sleek addition to our charging solutions

Cornerstone Charging has installed 700+ charging points in Hong Kong and is expected to expand aggressively in 2021 after Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Development introduced the HKD 2 billion “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme” to encourage private residential buildings to equip their car parks with EV charging systems.

With a comprehensive offering ranging from buy-and-own to subscription services, Cornerstone Charging strives to make efficient chargers easily available by offering free consultation on fund applications and technical advice to help properties transform their infrastructure with green energy. It also plans to launch new solutions such as second-life batteries, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems and wireless charging in 2021.

Its latest addition to the product line is Chargic, a snazzy looking charger featuring a Load Management System that enables more EV chargers to be installed without having to increase electricity load, with License Plate Recognition system (LPRS) that eliminates unauthorised cars, empowering operators to take control.

Community effort towards a sustainable future

With plans to hit bold milestones in the future, Cornerstone Technologies is creating a pipeline of smart solutions powered by the latest technologies. The company is also expected to announce exciting partnerships with various industry players and roll out major pilot projects involving active participation from the community.

Lawson Lau added: “Innovation is the core of our sustainable future, so are our stakeholders and the community. We are committed to creating platforms, where industry players come together to innovate creative solutions that engage and invite all members of the community to act as agents of change. We are excited to encourage Hong Kongers to kick start their commitment to a cleaner future by offering them sustainable living choices for a better, brighter and healthier future.”

About Cornerstone Technologies 

Founded in 2016, Cornerstone Technologies (Stock Code: 8391) is a leading innovator for environmental sustainability solutions in Hong Kong. We are the catalyst for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow. Harnessing the power of high-quality, reliable technology for everyone, we help fast track you toward a better future. For more information, please visit www.cstl.com.hk.

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