Boozy Cold Brew and Arctic Berries: Finland’s finest at Hong Kong Food Expo

Pure, traceable, innovative and tasty: some of the finest Finnish food arrives in the Hong Kong market.

Photo: Coffee liquor from Lignell & Piispanen / Thomas Chow

The Consulate of Finland to Hong Kong and Macau will introduce a brand new, innovative line of gourmet food and drink at this year’s Hong Kong Food Expo in August.

One of the products is Nordqvist tea, a tea ingredient product with different unique flavours such as hot rose and sunny peach.

Nordqvist Tea / Thomas Chow

The Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur features the craftsmanship from Lignell & Piispanen. The Finnish alcohol brand has sold other products in Hong Kong before, but the coffee liqueur will be new to the market.

The Northern Lights Superfood arctic bilberries are hand-picked from arctic forests in Lapland, Finland. The 24-hour daylight and Scandanavian weather allow for the perfect conditions for the bilberries to grow.

“You can use four words to describe Finnish food. It is pure, traceable, innovative and tasty.”

Johanna Karanko, consul General of Finland to Hong Kong and Macau

“You can use four words to describe Finnish food. It is pure, traceable, innovative and tasty,” says Johanna Karanko, Consul General of Finland to Hong Kong and Macau.

Other products include handmade chocolate and fruit juice. Additional products not featured in the gourmet food event today will also be presented in the Food Expo. These include signature Finnish caviar and fresh strawberries from Yrjölän Marjatila, a farm with over 300 years of history.

All products will be available for purchase in the Hong Kong Food Expo, which will be hosted in the Convention Centre from 12 August to 16 August.

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