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Harbour Times is an independent English media outlet covering Hong Kong news and writing the city’s best newsletter. We break down and analyse content on policy, diplomacy, technology, and culture.

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Independent and non-partisan

As Hong Kong becomes more politicised, new people are engaged in the political process more than ever – willingly or unwillingly. The need for people to expand their knowledge of what is happening is dire. From diplomatic postings to policy updates, supporting the local art scene and covering breaking news, we cover news that shapes our city.

Serving local and international communities

Since its founding, Harbour Times has had a long-standing relationship with the diplomatic community in Hong Kong. We frequently report on events relevant to the many diplomatic missions in Hong Kong. We believe that our strength in unity both local and international makes Hong Kong special.

Cut the BS with our Newsletters

We are a small team that cares about all things local in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is complicated. The political situation is changing daily, sometimes faster than the wait time between two MTR trains. High Tide makes keeping up as easy as it gets; it’s a news briefing that cuts through the noise sent straight to your inbox every single day (even weekends and holidays).

Principals & Key Staff:

Co-Director / Editor-in-Chief – Jasmine Lee – Jasmine Lee is a journalist monitoring Hong Kong’s daily political scene and diplomatic updates. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from McGill University in 2018. She has worked, studied, and travelled in several world-class cities and continues to traverse the globe.

Co-Director / Managing Editor-in-Chief – Cyril Ma – Cyril joined Harbour Times in 2020 and has a particular fascination with local heritage conservation and cultural policy. He has a degree in Music and Drama from the University of Birmingham and has studied a year abroad in New Orleans. Cyril is an active member of the Hong Kong arts community and in addition to Harbour Times, also frequently performs, manages, teaches and writes for various arts and culture institutions in Hong Kong.

Editor Emeritus – Andrew Work – 17 years in Hong Kong in community building, public policy, trade media and event management. Formerly of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, The Lion Rock Institute, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Penton Media and more. Former Editor-In-Chief of Harbour Times, stepped down in 2021 retaining the non-binding title of Editor Emeritus.

Parent Company: Elevation Media

Elevation Media is a media startup run by journalist Jasmine Lee and cultural writer Cyril Ma. Initially formed to take on the Harbour Times label, the name ‘Elevation’ pays tribute to the publication’s first motto: ‘Elevating Political Discourse’. Elevation aims to contribute to the evolution
of Hong Kong’s English media landscape with its refreshing take on news reporting and accessibility.


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