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Parent Company: New Work Media Ltd.

A new trade media company focused on the world of Hong Kong politics and the diplomatic scene. Launching with its flagship publication, Harbour Times, it will later expand into events and business intelligence.

Principals & Key Staff:

CEO and Publisher – Andrew Work – 17 years in Hong Kong in community building, public policy, trade
media and event management. Formerly of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, The
Lion Rock Institute, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Penton Media and more.

Journalist – Alex Fok – Alex Fok is a Harbour Times journalist monitoring Hong Kong’s daily political scene and diplomatic updates. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics, Politics and International Studies from University of Warwick and his master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a former committee member of the Warwick-based Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (WHKPASS) and was the chief editor of the society’s magazine – PASSTIMES.

Motto: ‘Elevating political discourse’

Language: English and Chinese
Format: In-house news and analysis and longer insights from political community players

Readers: The political community of Hong Kong

  • Executive Council and their staff
  • Legislative Council and their staff
  • Senior Members of the Bureaucracy
  • Directors and Senior Management of Statutory Bodies
  • Members of Advisory Councils
  • Government Relations Industry Professionals (GRIPs): Corporate Communications, Government Relations, Public Affairs etc.
  • Legal professionals advising on legislative impact Administration of political parties
  • Think Tanks
  • Major NGOs influencing policy


Motto: Hong Kong’s Diplomatic Scene

Language: English

Format: Interviews and news about Hong Kong’s diplomatic scene and Hong Kong’s activities abroad.

Readership: The 127 diplomatic missions in Hong Kong

  • Consul General diplomatic and senior local staff
  • Regional Representations
  • Global Regulatory Bodies
  • Sub-National Government Representatives
  • Global Financial Institutions
  • Hong Kong’s de facto diplomatic core – HKETO and InvestHK staff abroad

We aim to better connect the members of the diplomatic community by keeping them informed about
their fellow community members, how they practice their craft in Hong Kong and through exploring issues
of interest to the broader Hong Kong diplomatic community. Exploring Hong Kong’s role in the world at
the level of government to government.

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You can reach us at +852 6010 0794 or through [email protected]

Our Values
Independent and politically neutral

As Hong Kong becomes more politicised, the need for a means for the ruling class and those seeking to influence policy making to learn, share information and professionalise policy formation becomes apparent.

New people are engaged in the political process than ever – willingly or unwillingly. The vast majority, while successful in other spheres of business and community, are neophytes to the political process.

The need for people to expand their knowledge of options and how to make them effective policy, is dire. The need to communicate political ideas across political divides is acute. The need to move faster to know and influence political actors is at critical levels. Current media is very little help at all.

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